Not ALWAYS a Libertarian…

I haven’t ALWAYS been a Libertarian.  I was a Republican when I grew up, as ALL young men learn politics from their fathers.  (Many of them promptly rebel, but that’s not really my point.)  I learned about the lying of politics early.  My father used to tell me that back in 1964, his more liberal friends would warn him, “Bob, if you vote for Barry Goldwater, we’ll be AT WAR in Viet Nam inside of three years!”  My dad DID vote for Goldwater in 1964, and sure enough, we were in a war in Viet Nam within 3 years!  Oh, the heady power of politics!

Four years later, I was taking an evening course at the Carl Sandberg Community College in Galesburg, IL, a class on introductory psychology, when the topic of “projection” came up.  We project, said that teacher, our own feelings and fears onto others, and assume that they are feeling much the way that WE OURSELVES are feeling now!  This was an epiphany!  Suddently, the world made a kind of bizarre sense; what we were going to do unto others, the “others” were thinking about doing it to us!

This explained a LOT.  Why is it so easy to cheat an honest man?  Because he is himself honest, and presumes that you are, too.  Why did honest men (in years gone by) leave their doors unlocked?  Because the honest man would not, left to himself, break in and steal stuff. Why is there no honor among thieves?  Because the thieves were always assuming that “they” were out to get him, and he was going to do the getting, FIRST.

Nations are merely collections of human beings, so nations behave much as lots of people behave, and worse. But we can often predict what people will do, based on the kind of people they are. And when we elect liars and thieves, we shouldn’t be surprised to learn that some of them continue their criminal ways.


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